Stefano woke up around 7am to doo some training and final packing before he left for London visiting his very good friend Rubén for a few days.

I got up around 10am having breakfast and saying goodbyes to Stefano as he left for the airport. I took a shower and did my final packing.

Around lunch time Alejandro came over from work to grab some of his stuff and say goodbye to me. I was already getting in a sad mood when he rang the door bell because he had forgotten something. My smile was back out again.

In the afternoon Valter and his friend Elin came by, so we hung out together the three of us. I met Elin for the first time and she is pretty cool and fun. So, we spent some nice time talking and having pancakes. Elin had to leave for a birthday party so I was alone with Valter for the end of my time in Sweden, doing my very final packing getting nervous about forgetting somethign. With brushed teeth and hopefully everything done we went out and took my two suitcases to the bus station near the harbour.

After having my luggage loaded into the bus, standing right in front of its door and being around half an hour early I got nervous about missing the bus. So I farewelled Valter and took my seat on the bus.

I had the seat (the bus was so not crowded that everyone could have a two-seat bench for himself) right behind the back door and in front of the screen. The bus started rolling punctually at 8pm.

I spent some time reading and listening to music during tte beginning of the bus ride. The bus made a first stop at Kastrup airport in Copenhagen and a short break. The next part of the bus ride was long  enough to start a movie for all passengers so they started “Ocean’s Eleven”. I was looking forward to that as I have not ever seen the movie before. My joy got crushed when I realized it’s the czech dub version with English subtitles. So I continued reading.

The next stop of the bus drove onto a ferry and everyone had to get out around 11pm. It was nice getting up being able to walk as the bus is not that super comfortable. I walked around the ferry and even went out in the cold to see the lights on German ground. We got back on the bus and were brought straight to Berlin from there. I tried sleepinga little which was not that successful but I did get some rest.

The bus was supposed to arrive at the central bus station in Berlin at 5am. But it did arrive at 4:15am. So, of course my flatmate Hassan who was scheduled to collect me there was not yet there but on his way. I decided to go to the S-Bahn station already. With my two suitcases and my handluggage. This was the most charming welcome in Berlin I could get: I wanted to check a map how to walk to the station but door between the map and me was shut until 5am as a sign said. So I went out and tried to find my way around but didn’t see any sign or clue. When I spied an underground station I went down there as the S-Bahn station cannot be far away. I had to go down there. And there was only one track of escalators (which was dirty but it’s Berlin). And it was broken. SO I had to carry the suitcases down the stairs. Gorgeous.

Anyhow I arrived at the station and waited for my friend to get there and take me back home.
We talked on our way back home although it was way to early to think and speak at the same time.
At our place I did not find the apartment I had left two months earlier but a Hallowe’en wonderland. Of course decoaration was already put up and thus to the max. In the kitchen Hassan had prepared a little breakfast table for us but we decided not to eat now but get some more sleep and have breafast at 8am and so we did. I slept even some more after Hassan had left for work and unpacked my suitcases and tried to bring some order into my room.

I helped a little with the food in the afternoon, then dressed up as the phantom of the Opera and welcomed the first guests.

As scheduled I left the house at 6:30 for the central library of Berlin to collect my friend Feli who would enjoy a seminar there until 7. Dressed up as the phantom I returned some books and checked out the DVDs and even looked something up in the catalogue. There was a woman standing a few meters away from me seeimingly triyng to chase away my bad spirit as she was making intersting hand movments, whispering to herself and shooting an evil glance right at me. It’s Hallowe’en, come on!

I found Feli and took her to my place which was already a bit more crowded than before I had left an hour ago.

Feli and I spent a few minutes alone talking while she was making herself up and giving me my first birthday present: A mockingjay key ring and white choclate almond pralines (which I both very much love). We joined the party.

It was very nice as Hassan had invited several of both our former colleagues from CineStar (the movie theatre we both used to work at more than two years ago) and talking to them. Especially when my beloved Rabia came by. I don’t get to see her as she is super busy with 5 jobs and studying medicine and a time-consuming family. So good to see her again.

Later evn Hassan’s best friend Janosch showed up for a little while. I never realized how cooll that guy actually is as we had some ver ynice conversation.

Going to bed very late I slept in late on Thursday of course. After I had cleaned up I went to visit my friend Feli and her boyfriend Marcel at their place. We did some talking and went for Burger King for breakfast/ lunch/ dinner in the late aftrenoon/ early evening and had some fun together.

I went back home at night and went to bed.

I spent Friday doing gorceries for Saturday and expecting my family for a little birthday Fika in the evening.
We had some muffins and drinks and had some nice talking. Materialistically I was enriched by some cash, chocolate, chewing gums and a nice green sweater. I was filled in on what happened during my absence. especially my grandmother’s situation worsening.
Nice nice.

After my mother and I were left alone we looked at some pictures from Sweden as my mother hadn’t seen any of it (she doesn’t have any internet connection to have read my blog). Feli rang the bell around 7pm as she spontaneously needed someone to get her through some family changing news (new siblings)  with vodka, choclate, ghost stories and horror movies.

I went to bed quite late again of course but got up rather early on Saturday as I needed to prepare my birthday/ welcome back party.
It was upposed to be a costume motto party with the motto being TV characters but we toned down the motto a little and focussed on seeing each other again (I hadn’t seen my Lesbians for three months) and having fun by playing games and enjoying food and liquid.

One after one of course had to beheading back home at some point and I remained with four of my five best friends alone.
We should certainly do that more often!

Although it’s a little werid I want to show off here with the presents I got at that party.
Feli and Marcel gave a super expensive UK imported special edition of Cheryl Cole’s latest record “A Million Lights”. It includes a bonus disc with 8 more songs and picture cards! Super nice (super expensive as well)!!
Hannah gave me a sticker of “The Little Mermaid”. Not any sticker. The one and only that was missing from my 1998 sticker album collection!!! And a voucher for the movies.

Furthermore I got vouchers for Amazon and Primark, as well as condoms and chocolate, sweets and cake.


This is it then I suppse as my internship is through.

See you in real life some time!!!!


Sincerly yours



Finale Ultimo

Sunday was a peacful day with good weather. Cold but sunny, so forced by nature Alejandro and I went for a walk meeting his internet acquaintance Jesper. Jesper is very individual but nice. We walked all over Malmö and talked getting to know each other.

Before 5pm Ale and I had to be back home so I could take care of the laundry.
Again somebody had just started the machiens although it was our turn. Stefano turned slightly mad when I told him so he went back down himself and left a message as you can’t stop a started machine. In the end it worked out rather well I did the laundry, went down every now and then to start the next machine or the next round of drying.

Later Sergio would come around originally to return the jacket he borrowed from me. In the end we started watching “Magic Mike” a movie I was eager tow atch since it was released in theatres but always something kept me from wtaching it. This time it was the laundry. Meanwhile I was downstairs the latinos decided to stop the movie as they didn’t find it interesting… Anyhow we were all tired and went to bed (yes, Sergio slept over again).
When everyone set their alarm clocks I laughed at them since I wouldn’t have to work this week. Muhahahahaha… 😉

I woke up with every alarm clock today and fell back asleep. I got up around 8:30 had some breakfast and saw Stefano and Alejandro leaving. I would spend the morning packing my stuff which went quite well. I have unbelievably less luggage on m way back for several reasons. On the one hand I used several things that I wouldn’t have to take back anymore, meanwhile on the other hand my mother already took some of my stuff with her when she went home. Plus, I had to throw away two pairs of shoes that had holes after already two months of using. Anyhow. Packing went well and fast.

I shortly went out aroung noon to get more Snus for that unknown person, but no store I went to had the right flavour so I didn’t buy him any. He had mentioned he wanted to quit using soon anyway, so there is no point in getting him any actually.
I went for groceries and had some sandwiches for lunch. Alejandro came by shortly during his lunch break which was nice.

I spent the afternoon with little other preparations for my travel mainly updating music and ebooks on my portable devices and socializing with friends online and addicting to “The Phantom Of The Opera“.

I’m leaving tomorrow. So I am getting super excited.

In the evening Francesco came by shortly to return Stefano’s scales as he had borrowed them. He stayed on talking to Stefano about work.
When Alejandro came he just shortly had a cup pf noodles for dinner and grabbed some of his stuff moving to his new place.

After Francesco left quite late Stefano and I went to bed.
Together for the last time.


Birthday Cake

We got up early, having quite a few things to do.
Stefano hit the laundry room, while I went out early being insecure about purchasing a ticket on the bus paying with card. It turned out that no single ticket machine at Triangeln station could read my Visa card. So, I bought a ticket at Skånetrafiken store nearby. Despite those ostacles I caught my train and arrived at UBT very much in time.

I continued working on the DisneyGuide in the mornng and after lunch.
Inbetween there was a very nice Fredagsfika, the last for me.
After that Åsa took me to the “house warming” of the student coordination office for disabled students. Does Germany have somehting like that? I hardly doubt it since I know some universities in Berlin that do not even have elevators…
It was very interesting meeitng some people and finding out about their work. I also met Sara from Helsingborg again who came all the way to visit.

While working on the DisneyGuide I was coordinating my birthday dinner party tonight, as some people declines appearances and others expressed interest to come. I still feel a little guilty that I didn’t invite anyone from the library but we don’t have that much space to host too many people at a dinner party.

Anyhow the time came for Fika and I already knew that some people from the University Library would come over saying farewell. Going downsairs with Lena I didn’t realize at first that they had put up a huge cream cake. And when the Therese, Åsa, Moa and Anakin came by it became even merrier.
Åsa even gave me a present and it’s super cute: A moose mug and a moose cookie form (ncluding the recipe for Pepperkaka even in crappy translated German ;)). So cute.
We sat there at cake and coffee and talking. When the yhad to return to work and said their final goodbyes I Started realizing I’m leaving soon. I surpressed the upcoming tears successfully and said farewell.
I went back upstairs, grabbed my stuff and heavy-heartedly let the doors in Lund fall close for the final time. Oh crap…

I took the bus back home and had a ncie experience with the bus driver. While I was buying my ticket with my Visa card he started driving not looking front once. Creepy but also cool in a bad-ass way…
I read some further in “The Phantom Of The Opera” which retrospectively might not have been the smartest of my ideas as the beread scene was extraordinarily sad. Already being in a crying mood I had quite a hard time for half an hour on the bus.

At home we had quite some things to do. Doing dishes, tidying up, finding chairs, cooking.
I unpacked my mother’s package which had just arrived this day. She sent me a huge bar of Milka chocolate and instant espresso sticks and some small things as a thank you for Valter.

Lenka, Esther, Stefano, Francesco, Ambra and Alejandro's knee

Lenka, Esther, Stefano, Francesco, Ambra and Alejandro’s knee

So: Valter, Jarand and Darcy had cancelled for tonight but Alejandro, Ambra, Matteo and Francesco would be coming by and Sergio and some of his au-pair friends would show up later. Nobody minded the breakfast dish for dinner  and loved Alejandro’s cake. I got a whole lot of sweets and chocolate and a gorgeous German-Swedish dictionairy from Nordstedt.

Ambra, Alejandro, Matteo, Sergio and Katharina

Ambra, Alejandro, Matteo, Sergio, Lavinia’s feet and Katharina

We started playing a game of drawing things on the chalkboard and everyone else had to guess what it was. It was super funny. I mean, how would you draw “Finding out the toilet paper is empty after you’ve taken a dump”? We had quite a laugh.

As it got later and later the Italians and au-pair girls left remaining Alejandro, Sergio and Stefano as my company. The Spanish guys taught me how to use certain apps on my iPhone. Yeah, I got slightly addicted now, but whatever…

The fun continued when we went to bed the four of us in the bedroom. Still I slept quite well with that kind of serious cuddling. I think Stefano gopt a little annoyed by the kindergarden section of los españoles and me.

In the morning he was quite happy when we told him we’d go out shopping for some hours. We went to a mall on the edge of Malmö looking for a jacket for Alejandro and returning another one. We walked back  and enjoyed the nice wheather. Although it was cold it’s always enchanting to have some sunlight and blue sky above at fresh air.

We stopped by at Ica bought some things and returned to Stefano’s cooking lunch. After eating we took a Siesta nap cuddling together.

Sergio and Alejandro got into a hurry when we got up as they had parties to attend each.
We were supposed to meet some friends tonight as also Francesco will be leaving Sweden next week giving farewell to new acquaitances and friends but seemingly everybody cancelled.

This post was titled after “Birthday Cake” by Barbadian singer Rihanna ft. American singer Chris Brown, written by Rihanna and American musicians The-Dream and Da Internz, recorded in Copenhagen.

Happy Birthday To Me…

When I went to work on October 25, 2012 I was full of hope I would have a wonderful day and everybody would congratulate me.
But it started with me taking a wrong turn when walking straight (As I walked to work from valter’s place). So, I was runnning a little late and it was the worst day to be late, as Åsa and I were supposed to go to an empty hall which will be reconstructed to become a new storage for the grey literature department and the faculty libraries. But it turned out very fine, I just cuaght them when they were leaving and hopped into the car.

We went to that place and looked at everything. It is amazingly big and there are soem office rooms and a grage place. Very interesting. Åsa compared it to her house, which would fit in this place 20 times…
After that we looked at the storages for newspapers. That was interesting. Motst of the newspapers are extremely opld and very vulnerable but storaging them properly is not the easiest possibilty. ALso the guest appearnce of a dead rat was quite fun.

Back in the office I got a rather traditional intern task: Copying. I copied a certain article ten times and sent the copies according to a list.
We then looked at the new search database a little more and discovered some more flaws. I still do not fully understand what the visual search is good for as it is also not self-explaining. I understand parts of it (you can get an overview of what fields your search is related to and choose and limit it down from that. But I don’t see much sense in the rest of it… Anyhow…)

Do you remember the Libguides I looked at in my first week at UBT?
I was suppsed to work on that BerlinGuide, Sebastian had made to learn how to use the tools, but I wouldn’t knwo what to add. So, Åsa gave me the task to start a completekly new guide and I chose the topic “Walt Disney”. I looked at the tools and plazed around a little and started collecting ideas and realizing some of them.

In the afternoon I was heading for the student council to get information on possiblities for me to come back to Lund and study here. Too bad nobody was there as it ahd been declared in a mail I had received from them. So, I went back home, finding out that contradicting my calculations my Jojo-card was empty. Hmm…

My birthday cake!

My birthday cake!

At home I met Stefano who mysteriously instructed me not to look into things because I could find something, and he and Alejandro wouldn’t want to tell me about it before Friday. I got curious and scared and got thought like: Did the break my Little Mermaid Disney store mug? In the late evening they would reveal they had baked a birthday cake for me and showed it. It is supercute and I can’t wait to eat it.

As Alejandro was interrupting business between Stefano and me, we had to head to Alejandro’s place. Because it was the day of his move! I’ve never experienced such an easy move. He only owns a computer and clothes in Sweden, so we could easily pack it and take a cab to his new place loading things off. He’s moving in with a single mom and her weight-year-old daughter (who btw spoke better English than several of my English teachers in Germany), another girl and a French bulldog.
Accroding to his breed this dog is as ugly as can be but supercute and playful.

Having had unloaded Alejandro’s stuff the three of us headed back to our place by foot. We stopped by at Ica and got the ingredients for my birthday dinner party tomorrow. I have to thank Stefano again for paying everything (due to me being broke for a change…). He was also quite skeptical about my plan on serving English breakfast for my dinner party.

Before hitting the bed we watched “The Mangler“. Although we fell asleep with that crappy horror movie while watching.

This post is titled after “Happy Birthday” by Stevie Wonder, a song traditionally played at German birthday parties.

Back At Work For More…

How can I describe the first two days of this week?
In a nutshell: Sick. Sleep, tea.
I didn’t do much more except for sleeping and drinking warm camomile tea with honey for my throat. Also resting my voice. I watched some soap opera videos online and slept more.

Monday evening Alejandro came by and we ate together and watched the slow-paced boring made-for-television remake of Stephen King’s “Carrie“. We all agreed that our favourite scene from that movie were the end credits.

Tuesday I shortly went for a walk getting my bus ticket home and some shower gel (as it was miraculously empty).
I tried to put some order in the paperwork I have to do. To me it seemed like some of it was not making sense as it could be two documents instead of twelve dublettes. Anyhow, my teacher assured me they’re all for different purposes so they are necessary. More work for me and Åsa the next few days.
In the evening we, The Unholy Trinity, watched “Moonrise Kingdom“. A werid but funny and cute movie.

When I sent a mail to Åsa that I would return to the office on Wednesday, she answered I would get some more resrt in the morning as she is in a meeting all morning and unable to introduce me to my new office and tasks. SO, I would have to come no earlier than 1pm.
So I started Wednesday as chilling as possible by having ice cream for breakfast/ lunch, checking out stuff online  until I got up and left for Lund.
At the office Åsa showed me my new desk and what I would eb doing the few days left over.

First of all I would transcribe some handwritten lists to a Microsoft Word document, so it’s easier to use the information on computer. Then I would get some time to do final preparations for the German paperwork. So I filled out my EuroPass (in German and English) and that Evaluation sheet and sat with Åsa when I was done she signed my contracts, the EuroPass and my education report portfolio (Berichtsheft), and took the evaluation sheet for checking and filling it out in quiet.

At Fika I found out that I could keep the Sony eBook reader. What a nice first birthday present. Supercool!

We then took a short glance at the new metaserach database the library has just bought, that is scheduled for launching in December replacing known database Summon on the library website. It is provided by Ebsco host a huge company providing libraries with ejournals and ebooks and obviusly also databases. It was interesting to see all its functions for the first time finding even some flaws that have to be remarked and revised for the public launch.

When I was done at 4pm I met up with Valter in front of the building and we went to the Social Studies Campus where he would have his sign language class for 90 minutes (meanwhile I was reading finding out about the fate of Christine Daaé).

After class was over we walked to his place and believe it or not, it was dark. At 6:30pm in late October. A little downsize of this beautiful country.
We got Pizza on the way and bought a few groceries at Willy’s later. We would have some nice conversation about God and the world (and friends) and go on to watching some videos on Youtube. I forgot to mention we met for a Disney movie night, rigth? OK. Wel, we met in fact for a Disney movie night and compared German and Swedish dubbings of songs in Disney movies. We also decided which movies to watch: Hercules in German, The Adventure of Ichabod in English and The Little Mermaid in Swedish.

After Hercules we were quite into taking a little walk and so we did. Walking at night along some park with even a playgorund made it a little scary so we started telling each other creepy stories and frequent nightmares we used to have.

Back at is place we decided o have a hot brew and talk some more instead of watching more movies as it was getting late and we were tired.

Long before we got up I got (it was already past midnight) the first congratualations for my birthday. [Well, actually the second if you count the miscalculated text message by Janina 2 days too early (But she noticed her mistake just a minute later. Still it was funny.).]
Sarah texted me the best wishes. Supercute.

In the morning Valter prepared a little breakfast while I was in the shower. We had some cereals and apple and then I had to leave already.

I’ll keep you informed what will happen the rest of my birthday!
Stay tuned 😉

This post is titled after “Back For More” by Swedish teen band A*Teens, written by Swedish musician E-Type and Swedish songwriters Kristian Lundin and Mud.

Some Jolly Holidays With Elisabeth

The weekend was knocking at my door on Friday evening. After I had laid down for a few hours in the afternoon I got up and left for the bus station. I was supposed to collect my friend Elisabeth who would visit for the weekend.

We walked to our place stopping by for some McDonald’s as I was hungry and we both were thirsty.
At home we got settled and I introduced Elisbaeth and the nutty professor. I had already warned her about Stefano being a little special so she wasn’t THAT shocked anymore. Of course also Alejandro come by later shortly visiting and then going off again to his beloved job at the club.
We spent the evening talking and talking ourselves to sleep in bed later.

Saturday morning began when Alejandro rang the doorbell at around 4am so he couls sleep over. We fell asleep again shortly after.

Coffee Point

Coffee Point

Elisabeth and I woke up quite early having our first brew talking a little when the latinoes got up at early noon. We decided we’d have our regular Sunday breakfast at Coffee Point this Saturday moring.
Elisabeth and I had plans to go to Lund and check it out. Meeting up with Valter on this nice sunny day we went to University Library where I shortly showed them around also in the stacks.
Elisabeth and Valter

Elisabeth and Valter

The most attractive point was the terasse of the lunch room where we kinda spent some time talking comparing Sweden and Germany, biasically finding out everyhing in Germany sucks and is better in Sweden. You pay more taxes but you get a lot more in return. Like free child daycare.

As the library closes at 3pm we hurried outside at 5 to 3 to walk around town a little more with the slutdestination of Espresso House to have Fika. When Valter left I walked all over town with Elisabeth showing her Domkyrkan and a nice souvenir shop and finally the train station.

I was already a little beat and starting losing my voice but try to shut me up with people around. Try to shut me up without people around. Won’t work.

Back at home Stefano and Alejandro informed us that the laundry was already running and we will be having a guest for dinner, another fresh online acquaintance: Alessandro.
Elisabeth and I went for groceries and she cooked a nice vegetarian meal and I brought some Ben&Jerry’s ice cream for desert.

Alessandro, Stefano and Alejandro

Alessandro, Stefano and Alejandro

The time had come for us to sit together and meet Alessandro. He is a nice Italian lad and conversation was flowing and food was being eaten and every now and then laundry was dried and neatly folded. 😉

As the time had come for Alejandro to go and work his ass off at the wardrobe of a club we decided to walk him and have some fresh air.

A few hours later everything was settled to go to bed and so we did.
On Sunday Elisabeth and me got up and prepared ourselves to see Malmö. I was just writing Stefano a message (very old school and out-fashioned: on paper) as he woke up.

I took here through Malmö first to a nice parka nd the Malmö opera house, then to the City Library and she was as stunned as I was when I first saw it. We tried the café of the library where I had some pancakes which served as my breakfast and a cup of tea for my dying voice.
Spontaneously we went throught Kungsparken (The King’s Park) where an old castle had been refunctioned into a museum but is also surrounded by sweet gardens and a windmill (I’ve taken my mother on a windy day in September) and took some nice pictures.
We walked throught the Old Town and had Falafel when the opportunity had arisen and then I dropped her at the bus station so she would have to go home.

Back at home I spent some time with my friends online and will go to bed early soon.

This post’s title is alluding to “A Jolly Holiday” from the Disney musical Mary Poppins with songs wirtten by American composer brothers Richard and Robert Sherman.

Tonsils And Pearls

On Wednesday I felt a lot better in the morning. Not completely well already but I felt like I could manage working. So I went to the library and worked in the stacks. I think it was good to be in the stacks, so I could drink some water every few minutes and enjoy the nice climate in there which didn’t cause me any flashes of cold and warm. I fulfilled requests, had a tea for Fika and went on shelving until my time was through. Back at home I just went straight to bed.

On Thursday morning I didn’t feel any better. On the contrary I was even worse. So I quickly decided to stay home for the day so I could rest and reduce the swelling of my tonsils.
My Thursday in a nutshell: I slept, I wtahced some soap operas, I slept, I ate, I slept and then went to bed drinking warm tea and water (from a beer mug).

Already feeling a little better on Friday I thought I could manage going back to work and so I went together with Stefano. As we were a lot too early we went to his office and had a cup of tea. I went to the library and everyone was really nice saying I should go home as soon as I don’t well up to it anymore, also assuring me the whole system won’t collapse if I’m absent. We had a very nice Fredagsfika which was also my opportunity to say goodbye as I wouldn’t return for work to the University Library. I know I am gonna miss the staff, the work, the place and the environment.
Thérese gave me a toad bag and an umbrella and pens with the logo of the library on it and some note pads that are eventually quite pretty as a goodbye gift. After that I went back home and back to bed.

I am probabyly sick because I subconsciously don’t wanna go back to Germany.

This post’s title alludes to the song “Diamonds And Pearls” by German girlband Monrose (with members of Maroccan, Turkish and Italian descent), written by Canadian DJ Vincent Degiorgio and Swedish producer Tony Malm.